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Over 35 Years of Quality Presentations

Film Festival Technical Services

Technical Direction & Technical Installations to ensure your film festival is the best it can be.

Motion Picture Projection

Cinema, operations, and testing to meet SMPTE standards and optimal quality.

About Us

35 Years

Now with over 35 years of operation, Hill Top Productions, LLC continues to be a leader in its celebration of diversity and commitment to inclusivity and non-discrimination.

We believe that knowledge should be shared and explained to unite people rather than be a divisive force; we want to speak clearly to our customers and we will never use excessive technical jargon, acronyms or obscure language to create barriers to effective communication and understanding.

We strive to engender a sense of community and teamwork in all of our endeavors and in support of that goal, work harmoniously and openly with other vendors, suppliers, contractors and staff that festivals bring to the table or that are already established as part of their team.

Our greatest reward is to share in your success.

Film Festival Technical Direction

Managing pre-production for each screening venue to suit all accepted film formats, providing technical guidelines, addressing queries from filmmakers and others, assisting the programming team with scheduling, creating and managing a cloud database of all film details, overseeing projection and inspection crews, handling trailer and sponsor material production, and managing on-site installations, high-profile screenings, and monitoring all event activities.

Film Festival Technical Installations

Prepare each screening venue with the custom technical requirements for all festival screenings.

Content Management & Inspection

Closely coordinating with the cloud database and scheduling grid according to each venue’s needs, ensuring all film titles are reviewed and ready for each screening, performing quality control checks on various aspects, updating inspection details in the cloud database, notifying relevant parties of potential issues, and conducting inspections as early and methodically as possible to allow time for resolving any concerns before festival screenings.

Motion Picture Projection

Collaborating with the installation team to optimize the cinema’s usability and operation setup, testing image and sound quality in line with SMPTE standards, managing server content, working closely with venue staff to meet the operational needs of each screening, and overseeing all content projection and monitoring of introductions and Q&As.

Print Shipping & Traffic

Closely liaising with the programming team to communicate with all parties associated with each film title, distributing technical guidelines, handling inquiries related to shipping to and from the festival, collaborating with distributors and others to ensure timely arrival of all titles, communicating server needs for KDM delivery, and preparing and dispatching each film title according to the unique requirements communicated to the festival.

DCP Pricing & Form

For those interested in our DCP services, you can download our DCP Form and Pricing document, and we encourage you to reach out with any questions or inquiries – we’re more than willing to assist you.

Hill Top Productions, LLC

Summary of Services

​Providing collaborative team based technical support to established and fledgling film festivals to seamlessly bridge the gap between artistic and programming objectives and theatrical presentation.

Hill Top Productions, LLC can offer scalable solutions to address festival logistics including but not limited to:

  • Film and digital print delivery
  • Content inspection
  • Qualified and experienced projectionists and technicians.
  • DCP creation and repair
  • KDM management
  • New media and alternative format support
  • Creation of documented operational workflows and procedures
  • Technical direction, supervision, managerial responsibilities.

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