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Print Shipping & Traffic

In the world of film festivals, the journey of a film print from its point of origin to the projection screen is a critical one. Our Print Shipping & Traffic services ensure a smooth and efficient journey for each film title, from handling technical guidelines distribution to liaising with multiple parties involved in the process.

Our services start by working in close collaboration with the programming team. We reach out to all relevant contacts associated with each film title, guaranteeing that the technical guidelines are properly distributed. This step helps ensure that everyone involved is aware of and adheres to the specifications required for a successful screening.

We take pride in being a reliable point of contact for addressing questions and concerns regarding the shipment of film prints to and from the festival. We understand that shipping can be a complex process, involving various parties such as distributors, producers, and shipping companies. Therefore, we maintain close coordination with all these stakeholders to ensure the arrival of all titles as close to the festival deadline as possible.

Understanding the technical aspects of film screenings, we also communicate server needs for Key Delivery Message (KDM) delivery. KDM is a critical component that ensures the correct decryption and screening of digital cinema prints.

Lastly, we handle the preparation and shipment of each film title according to the individual requirements communicated to the festival. This tailored approach allows us to meet specific needs and contribute to the successful screening of each film.

Trust our Print Shipping & Traffic services to handle the logistic intricacies of your film festival, ensuring a seamless journey for every film title from its source to the silver screen.

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