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Downloadable Resources for Optimal Presentation

At Hill Top Productions, LLC, we are committed to equipping you with all the necessary tools to ensure your presentations meet the highest industry standards. We adhere strictly to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) guidelines, and encourage all our partners to do the same.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio plays a critical role in the viewing experience. We encourage you to review and adhere to SMPTE standards for aspect ratio to ensure your film is presented as intended.


Audio Test

Sound is as essential to the viewer’s experience as the visual element. Use our audio test file to ensure your audio equipment is calibrated properly and meets SMPTE standards for sound quality and synchronization.


HTP Sync Test

Our synchronization test file allows you to verify that your audio and video playback are perfectly in sync. Misalignment can be distracting to viewers, so use this tool to confirm synchronization before your screenings.


DCP Services

For those interested in our Digital Cinema Package (DCP) services, we provide easy access to our DCP Form and DCP Pricing document. These resources offer insights into our services, what we require to deliver them, and the associated costs.

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