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Content Management and Inspection

A crucial part of ensuring the success of any film festival is having meticulous content management and thorough inspection processes. Our team is dedicated to providing these services, working diligently to guarantee that each film title is accurately represented and presented without any technical hitches.

Our Content Management and Inspection process revolves around working in tandem with the cloud database and scheduling grid. We pay careful attention to the specific needs of each venue and make sure that all titles are thoroughly inspected and prepared for each distinct screening. This thorough inspection includes quality control checks on image and sound, as well as DCP authoring and packaging, drive and file formatting, and more.

Accuracy is our topmost priority when it comes to inspection, so we ensure that all findings and details from the inspection process are accurately updated into the cloud database. This allows for clear communication between departments and prevents miscommunication or oversight.

In the event of discovering any issues that may affect the quality of a title’s screening, we promptly alert the festival management, print shipping, and the technical director. We believe in nipping any potential problems in the bud, so we ensure that the inspection is done as early as possible and chronologically. This approach provides ample time to address and resolve any issues or concerns well before the festival screenings begin.

At the end of the day, we aim to ensure the best possible representation of every title and a flawless viewing experience at the festival. Trust our Content Management and Inspection services to deliver exactly that.

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